Company name
  Suzukaku co.,ltd
Started business
  March 1913
  March 1982
  35.2 million yen  
Products and Service  
  Sale various of steel materials
Manufacture of steel parts
  17.5billion yen  
Place of business
  Head office727 Ohyagi-cho, Minami-ku, Hamamatsu-shi, Shizuoka, JAPAN
81+53+427+0111 FAX81+53+427+0132
Content of business
Division composition & Affiliated company
Main Dealer
Main Business Connections
Finantial Institution
Number of Employees

Content of business
  Sale of various of steel materials
  Design and sale of bridges
  Steel pipes/Metal plates/Non-ferrous metal products
  Shaped cold finished steel bars/Special steel materials.
  Cutting and Processing of H-beam steels and the other steels
  Primary processing of H-beam steels
  Column cutting and beveling
  Car Parts
  Motorcycle Parts
  Packing cases for export
  Processing and cutting of steel bars
  Processing and shaping of steels
  Metal press
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Division composition & Affiliated company
  Sales division
  Parts division
  Packing division
  Material processing division
  Administration department
  Management planning department
  Suzukaku USA, Inc.
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Main Dealers
  Yamaha Motor Co.,Ltd. Suzuki Motor Corporation
  Yamaha Corporation Yutaka Giken Co., Ltd.
  Yamaha Motor Powered Products Co.,Ltd. Construction industry
  Equipment parts supplier for transportation Machine Manufacturing
  Precise sheet metal industry Metallic goods processing manufacturer
  Government and municipal offices
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Main Business Connections
  Aichi Steel Corporation OSAKA STEEL CO., LTD.
  KYOEI STEEL LTD. KyowaHarmotech Ltd.
  Kubota Corporation GODO STEEL, Ltd.
  Sanyo Special Steel Co., Ltd. JFE Metal Products & Engineering
  JFE Bars & Shapes Corporation JFE Steel Corporation.
  Nippon Steel Corporation SUZUHIDE KOGYO co.,ltd.
  Sumitomo Metal Industries, Ltd. Seikei column.
  Sekisui Jushi Corporation Daikure Co.,Ltd.
  NAKAYAMA STEEL WORKS, LTD. Nakayama Mitsuboshi Steel Products, Ltd.
  Nisshin Steel Co., Ltd. Nippon Steel & Sumikin Metal Products Co., Ltd.
  Nittetsu Tokai Steel Wire Co.,Ltd. Nippon Light Metal Co., Ltd.
  Nippon Seisen Co., Ltd. Hayashi Seiko Co.Ltd. (HSK)
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Financial institution
  Shizuoka bank (Hamamatsu branch)
  Shoko Chukin (Hamamatsu branch)
  Hamamatsu credit union (head office)
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Number of Employees  
   187 employees as of October, 16 2009
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